Quickie is often celebrated as a fun way to have sex without spending too much time. But the logistics are not direct. How can you speed things up fast without hurting anything? Is it realistic for both of you to experience orgasm with limited time?

Here are a few ways to make sure you both get a lot of things at once – or at least enough to get out of work during your coffee break.

1. Use toys

If you want to end it quickly, for many people, nothing beats sex toys. We were so caught up in sexual relations that we forgot about the science of pooping: Most women don’t reach orgasm by penetration alone, and those who use oral, manual, toys and even anal. They are more likely to report orgasm during their last sexual encounter.

2. Use Lube

People who are in a hurry use lube to make things more comfortable. Lube is suitable because it comes in a cute little tube that easily fits your pocket. Whether you use it on the bed, in the bathroom, or in your car, having this will make sex more satisfying and exciting for both of you.

3. Put on music

These hacks can help you enter sexual mode more quickly, especially if you play romantic or sexy songs. By playing loud music, you can not only eliminate the sounds around you, but music can change your mood, improve your outlook, increase your confidence, and relax. It can help – they all have the potential to improve your sex life. Assumptions suggest that we copy what we hear in our environment, so make playlists that will help you get the mood you need to feel.

4. Dirty talk

What music can’t provide is your partner’s voice. Dirty objects are the nectar of sexual gods. Tell your boyfriend how much you want him, how much he turns you on you, and what you want from them. Many of us suffer from feelings of desire and become great lovers, so attacking their egos won’t help proceedings.

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