Sexual expression begins during the early stages of existence and affects life in many degrees over time. As a mirror of life, cinema reflects sexual desire and is never reduced to erotic scenes. This is where we start to develop our fantasies.

Over time, abstract ways of approaching sexual themes have become more natural, and thanks to the transit director, cinema has become a vehicle for perfecting social taboos and deepening human nature. Ready to see it. Let’s dive into some of the best films that focus on sexuality.

Call Me by Your Name (2017)

In the seventh art, the subject of homosexuality is seen under a broad optical spectrum. However, director Luca Guadagno managed to adopt an authentic approach, while dealing with sexual curiosity, exploration, and extraordinary experiences innovatively and elegantly.

The space-time framework was set in northern Italy in the early 80s. During puberty, a boy, Elio, was discovered by his parents’ influential friend to find his body and be attracted to his physical desires. Encourage Wandering well in Elio’s lust and emotions leads to the formation of pure romantic relationships built by young realism and dramatization.

Strella (2009)

Stage, a young transgender woman, is struggling to make a living by prostitution in a poor neighborhood in Athens, who regularly interacts exclusively with transgender people and other lesbians. Close friends called him “Strella,” a combination of his name and the word “strella,” which means “madness” in Greek.

At a cheap hotel, he meets an old man who has just been released from prison. Their erotic relationship triggers a joint effort to explore and explain their character. Through this approach, Strella seeks friendship, love, and, basically, acceptance.

Mother (2014)

Films directed by young directors, for teens. Xavier Dolin managed to tackle the persistent problem because it is currently created by combining a realistic modern environment with his aesthetic fashion and artistic style. Eventually, Dolan was exposed to considerable disruption and confusion for parents.

A 15-year-old boy who has problems with the law has returned home. Her mother’s life seems to be disturbed while she seems unable to cope with her son’s violent behavior. Every choice a young person makes is evidence of his restless and agitated mental state. The mother tried to please her son in the way she was familiar with. However, her efforts as an educated and educated woman are being diminished.

The Dreamers (2003)

Perhaps the most controversial work of the Bernardo Bertolucci film and the seventh work of art in general. Despite the film’s prominent and unconventional spirit around Eva Green’s dominant presence, other questions from “dreamers” needed to be seen.

France, 1968: An atmosphere cut off by revolution, social change, and the insistence of young and enthusiastic people. A brother and sister have created a private world surrounded by the boundaries of their unique culture and extraordinary aspects of life. The confession of an American friend who follows an unhealthy lifestyle from a sibling has external power to break the balance and bring essential problems.

Wide Eye Shut (1999)

Stanley Kubrick’s speech follows through ancient awareness and passion for dragging the audience into a dreamlike journey.

A married man (Tom Cruise) has decided to sail two nights in the strange world of sexual freedom. The place they visited did not have an organized cell aspect. Prostitutes wearing masks, luxurious rooms, and ambient music unite the atmosphere of Diancyan celebrations.

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