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Hi, my name is Christina, I’m 20 years old and my main goal is to make your night unforgettable. I have been escorting in Surrey for the last 2 years and have loved every second of it but the people I have been with have enjoyed it even more. I like to wear lingerie as it shows off my size 8 figure which you will find irresistible. This will show off my 34DD bust and my perfect round bum. Of course, this is all available in private but if you want to take me out, I can look just as stunning in a tight fit dress. I have long blonde hair and hypnotic blue eyes which will look perfect by your side. I love taking charge in the bedroom and showing you who is boss. I am very friendly and open minded and believe in sharing is caring so I am more than happy to share! If you want a wild night and a party, then bring your friends over or even better your girlfriend if you have one and we can really let loose and have some fun. I can show them a real good time and maybe even let you join in or feel free to watch us have fun!

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