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I’m Chiara, I’m a 22-year-old Italian beauty with a voluptuous body and curves in all the right places. I have blonde hair and green eyes and fair skin. I am a petite height of 5’4 and a size 8. I am a beauty therapist by day and a sexy promiscuous Surrey escort by night! I am also studying foreign languages as I have a passion for travelling and seeing the world and would love to learn as many foreign languages as possible. I currently speak, Italian, Spanish, English, French and German. I have such a drive and passion and I’m also very hard headed once I put my mind to something then I will not rest until its done. I love working as an escort it’s such a breath of fresh air to be able to be allowed to be who you are at work and I think this is what makes work enjoyable. I am always happy to show and express myself, I enjoy expressing myself through sex. I love sex and have a very high sex drive so I promise I will definitely be able to keep up with you. I love dressing up and watching you eye me up with so much fire in your eyes while I tease you! I love being able to feel the aggression in your eyes with the way you want to rip my clothes off, but patience is a must and if you’ve been a very good boy then maybe just maybe I may let you unwrap your present (me)!

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