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Best Places To Visit In Surrey


Surrey is a county in South East England with breath-taking scenery and an outstanding natural beauty.

This beautiful county offers a variety of green space boasting acres upon acres of beautiful parks such as Guildford Castle grounds, Surrey hills, rolling hills and many more making the county of Surrey the perfect spot and one of the many reasons why this outstanding countryside offers the best places to visit in Surrey.

South East England has many gems such as our Surrey Escort Girls but close second comes the outstanding beauty of Surrey. It’s hard to believe that this county with its stunning surroundings is only a 45-minute journey time from London.

If you have not yet had the pleasure to visit the beautiful Surrey countryside, then we would strongly recommend this. A visit in Surrey will leave you refreshed, energized and ready to face your busy lifestyle (especially if you live or work in central London).

Surrey has something for everyone, whether you are taking time out alone to relax, or a family break or even a friend’s getaway. It has fun, culture, relaxation, class, history and many events all in one.

If thrill seeking is your thing, then Thorpe Park is the place for you!

Thorpe Park is the second best adventure park England has to offer, and it boasts over 494 acres of land. If you prefer history then you cannot visit Surrey and not visit Guildford Castle with its 360-degree panoramic view of the town and its breath-taking surroundings. This famous castle gives Surrey its many historic character.

Let’s not forget to mention that Surrey became quite the talk of the town when it was decided that in 2003 Bridget Jones will be filmed there, needless to say it became one of the many talked about events.


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Outstanding Natural Beauty

Hampton Court Palace – Henry VIII favorite royal hangout

Hampton Court is a Grade I royal palace known as the most popular of Henry VIII’s hangout. It I located upstream of central London on the River Thames.

One of the include the World-famous and very fun maze, the Great Fountain Garden with historic yews, sparkling fountains this is truly one of the most major attractions to visit in the entire area.

Such beautiful scenery throughout the premises even if you don’t have a historical interest in the building, you will be blown away by the views it has to offer.

Talking of views and being blown away our girls at Surrey Escorts can also blow you away and keep you company on your outings, after all you know what they say amazing company and beautiful scenery what more could you want!


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The magic gardens and the maze are usually open to the public from 10:00-17:30 and tickets are reasonably priced for you to visit at around £25 per adult. Great for family day out or simply 2 adults to spend some time together.

Hatchlands park is another example of natural beauty with the gardens being listed as grade 2 and the property as grade 1 to further protect the history of it.

The red brick county house gives of the impression of a English rural market town as the surround buildings gives you the same historic market town feeling.

With 400 acres of property, you will have many areas to explore and enjoy your time you spend there.

Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills is a vast area offering exceptional wildlife beauty which covers over a whole country. The highest points of these mountains are known as Leith Hills nearby Coldharbour.

Many rare species of insects and plants are located here. Box Hill Trail, Tadworth KT20 7LB, Surrey is one of the best places to visit in Surrey Britain in Winter.

There is no admission fee on this hill, and it is open to the public daily for 24 hours with no fees for access to the hill and is open to all the tourist to the zone for free.

We would also recommend that one of the best places to visit is the Box Hill Trail in Tadworth Surrey in Winter.

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This green area in Surrey is a very big national trust park with so many hills and so many gems within it, all made for a fun day away from the hustle and bustle of London and oozing with so much history.

Each little gem has its own amazing story of how it’s come to be there and all included in such a breath-taking location.

Devil’s Punch Bowl

Devil’s Punch Bowl is in the location of Surrey and included in this amazing national park. Explore a big and colorful landscape of bright green, gold and lilac.

The views across Devil’s Punch bowl are absolutely mesmerizing.

‘Legend has it that the Devil scooped up a handful of earth and hurled it at Thor, God of Thunder, the depression that remained is the Devil’s Punch Bowl’.

devilspunchbowldetail  Best Places To Visit In Surrey DevilsPunchBowlDetail

Jack The Hammer

This beautiful small village in Abinger Hammer is located right in the heart of the beautiful Surrey and surrounded by its hills.

The famous clock which is to be found in the main road portrays the figure of ” Jack the Blacksmith” who at every hour strikes the clock with his hammer.

The clock has the motto “By me you know how fast to go”. the history behind the clock is that it was first given to Lord Farrer of Abinger Hall, who passed in 1899. The iconic clock represents the role Surrey played in the industrial past.

jackthehammerdetail  Best Places To Visit In Surrey JackthehammerDetail


Wisley’s historic character combines some of its attractions such as a Norman church with attractions such as Wisley gardens.

This place speaks for itself as one of the places to visit in Surrey as it has some up-to-date country pubs such as the anchor which has managed to keep a up to date with modern perceptions of bars and pubs, but the exterior is exactly what you would expect from a pub.

Beautifully located near the river Wey it’s the perfect way to relax either on one of their outdoor picnic tables are in side depending on weather.

Box Hill

This famous national trust park is a summit of North Downs and populated by ancient woodlands that are found over the chalk slope in the River Mole.

This remarkable woodland has around 40 species of butterflies all in their natural habitat. The north downs are a must-see tourist location in Surrey with a surreal view of the hills.

england box hill stepping stones  Best Places To Visit In Surrey England Box Hill Stepping Stones

North Downs

If you are visiting the Surrey hills area, then you are sure to come across North Downs. At its highest point of around 900 ft, you will get a wonderful view of the surrounding areas which will be breath-taking.

There are different routes you could take though the north downs, some are simple and some more challenging where you may have to ditch your walking shoes and opt for something more suitable for the terrain.

Along these routes you could see some of the local animals in its natural habitat.

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If hiking isn’t your thing, you could take part in horse riding through these areas which would make for a fun day for the entire family.

The location would be perfect for beginners as there is different levels of difficulties you could take. see people use the easier ones as steppingstones to the more difficult ones to help build confidence.

Food and drinks

There are many options in Surrey if you are looking for food or drinks. some of the local shops pride themselves in using fresh produce locally sourced which really helps the local area thrive.

There are high end restaurants of the more toned-down options of local pubs available and below we have provided some options for you to visit.

As explained previously with The Anchor Pub, a lot of these places capture the look of the local area with the market town look but are modern in what they offer.

It is very important to show off the history in this part of England but also be unique so that they can become the places to visit in Surrey.

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The award-winning Vineyards is one of these locations. There is nothing more market town than breweries. Greyfairs Vinary is situated in a vibrant county town and really gives you the full experience from tasting to tours of their stunning establishment.

If you were to search towns near by then Albury Vinary would also offer a similar experience. both use their seasonal produce to produce their wines.

Denbies wine estate is situated in a Bushy Park and is one of the largest vineyards in England.

This truly impressive place is located in Dorking and has great on-site things such as a farm shop, hotels and even a restaurant which really has created its own market towns for others to follow.

With a reputation for producing world class premium still wines this is a must visit for wine lovers across the world. situated around a hour from London this is easily accessible for a fun day out.

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The Tea Terrance

Perfect for afternoon tea they are not only famous for their uniquely decorated Tea room but if you have a sweet tooth, they have a amazing cake selection.

If you have more time, they have a selection of food on their menu to choose from and are currently changing to meet the latest trends they have recently added the latest beef craze of wagyu beef along with Argentinian steaks.

This attention to details means you will always have the best testing food. Perfect for pictures the room is decorated brilliantly and with perfect presentation you will not be disappointed as it makes it ones of the places to visit in the area.

afternoon tea cakes summer  Best Places To Visit In Surrey Afternoon Tea Cakes Summer


The heated Olympic-sized pool in Hampton is located across 412 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and a good place to play.

Sandown Sports in Esher is the nearest indoor ski resort to London with gym, squash, fitness… Get information about some great live theatre venues in Surrey.

The world’s most atmospheric, never ending all-year selling statue exhibition at the Oper in West Horsley (Surrey) is currently on view. RNG Classics have a prestigious fleet including heritage and classical classic vehicles containing British racing. Merry Harrier offers a life-changing opportunity. And the longest herbaceous mix flower border in Europe.

There are also several events held here throughout the year including ice skating, the famous flower festival and many other food festivals.

Make a day of your visit and explore the nearby East Molesey which hosts many independent shops as well as excellent restaurants and local pubs such as pubs restaurants and pubs.

Hampton Court is a highlight throughout Greater London and along the Surrey border.

Castle Street

This famous street situated in Surrey, south east of England, Castle street is famous for its Edwardian house style homes.

The road is around 187 meters long and the average house sells for £457, 666.67. It’s not difficult to understand why this mesmerizing street is so well known, with its neat and beautiful houses all sat perfectly in a row.

It feels like something out of a romantic film, and it feels a million miles away from the busy London streets.

Virginia Water Lake

It may seem hard to believe but this beautiful lake is in England, Surrey to be precise called Virginia Water and is an artificial lake with crystal clear waters and beautiful views.

A waterfall is located nearby and also a pond too.

The rivers Bourne and Lake provide the crystal-clear water that runs through this lake. It is not difficult to understand why this a must-visit tourist destination with its captivating and relaxing view.

The best part is that it costs nothing to visit the lake and no specific visit times, so you are free to come as and when you please, all free of charge!

Little tip: we recommend an early morning visit to the lake would be very much appreciated, however that does not mean to say that is any less spectacular at other times of the day!

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