Cowgirl position is really a win/win for you and your partner. You get to control the depth and motion, plus you’ll be able to grind your hips in a way that gives more clitoral stimulation than any other positions. This position also helps your man last longer as you slow things down!

You know you want to spice things up in the bedroom! What better way than being on top? It’s the ideal action for female orgasm, after all.

But the biggest reason you’re hesitated to giddy up this howdy style comes down to a lack of confidence—either in your own body, sexuality, or trust with your partner. And to cut that,

 Surrey Escorts made you a list of the 8 things to do to make the cowgirl position pleasurable


Once you’re in position, you can begin to tease him. When he’s ready, grab his penis, and use the bed (or back of the couch) for support—lower yourself so you’re inside him.


It’s really easy to get in your head while on top, and to put pressure on yourself to have all the right moves. But there are no rights or wrongs objects, and that the most important thing is to figure out what feels good.

That might mean closing your eyes and zeroing in on the sensations, or turning off all the lights so that you don’t have to think about what you look like from your partner’s perspective, if you’re finding that distracting. You might accidentally start wondering if you’re doing a good job or not, but reel your thoughts back in—and give yourself permission to focus on feeling good.


While you’re rocking up and down or side to side, you can put your man’s hands on your breasts, which we can assure you always feels fantastic. You can also play with them yourself, men love watching it.


If you’re still feeling wary, be honest and tell your partner that you aren’t confident on top, and would prefer to take a back seat on this one. From there, have them lie flat on their back, and straddle them so that your legs are on each side of their body. You should be resting on your knees, with your feet pointing back towards their feet, and your body should be fairly upright.

Take their penis or strap-on in your hand—help guide it into you. A little lube can help them slide in easier, especially if you’re feeling nervous. Lower all the way onto them. Then, slowly start rocking your hips back and forth in the direction of their head. Keep your pelvis in contact with theirs at first (remember, no bouncing unless you want to!). Then try grinding your hips in slow circles. Experiment with clockwise and counterclockwise movements, the more you practice the more you will get to knowing exactly what you do and don’t like.

Next, try changing the angle of your body, which will make their penis hit different spots inside of you. Put your hands flat on the bed on either side of their head, and lean forward towards them. Then try sitting back up again and leaning backwards slightly. Each time you try something new, compare it to the other things you’ve tried, and try to figure out what you like best.

Ask your partner for their input, too. Say something like, “Do you like it better when I do this or that?”. Men love being heard and he will feel special that you want his input and are concerned and are trying to ensure he enjoys himself.


Another hot way to explore is to ask your partner to grab your hips and show you a couple of different ways to move. This will take the pressure off of you to be the only person in charge. They can guide you through different movements, speeds, and levels of penetration that might feel good to you.


Once you get a bit more comfortable with the basic movements, we recommend reaching your hand down and touching your clitoris as you grind against your partner. This will make it easier for you to reach orgasm, and your partner will love being able to watch you cum while riding him.

You can also ask them to rub or massage your clitoris, or have either one of you use a vibrator on it. Your partner can play with your breasts, your butt, or your hips, and once you get confident enough, you might enjoy being on full display—and that’s when you can start caressing your thighs, playing with your hair, etc.


One of the reasons so many people get stressed out about cowgirl is because of the ways it’s filmed in porn. She says many performers bounce up and down at breakneck speed; seeming to enjoy every minute of it. But that isn’t always how it works in everyday life.

Cowgirl can actually be a relaxed position, so if bouncing up and down doesn’t feel right, that’s okay. We suggest trying a smaller range of motion, moving slower, and grinding on your partner. Instead of bouncing or exerting a ton of energy. It might make the position easier—and more enjoyable—if you go at your own pace.


If you feel really shy about experimenting with your partner, you might want to practice on your own to get a clearer idea of what the position is like.

Since this position is all about how you move your hips, we suggest you to get on your knees on your bed and stuffing some pillows between your legs. Even though it might feel silly, it’s a great way to figure out what you like. And to get used to the movement.

If you have a wand-style vibrator, you can even hold it upright on the bed and mount it, As that will give you even more of a sense of what it feels like to ride your partner.

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