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Technically, you can count sex as a workout, and it depends on how vigorous it is, it may reach the level of moderate exercise, said by an expert. Meanwhile, no amount of sex can replace regular physical activities, there are certainly some athletic or acrobatic sex positions that may work your cardiovascular system and muscles more intensely than the others.

Like we said, worry no more, just about any kind of sex position can be really intense if you give it your all, but there are definitely some positions which are challenging enough for your endurance more than others. These are the best 7 Fat-Burner sex positions you must try to get your blood pumping according to Surrey EscortsAgency


To do this position, you need to begin standing face-to-face with your lady, so you’re able to lift her up and hold onto your lady’s legs and hips. You could say this is basically the Bachelor run-and-jump-hug maneuver, but with the standing. While in this lift, you and your lady can move and grind your hips.


Although it may seem kind of complicated but this position is a good way to exercise and improve your flexibility. In this position, your lady needs to be on top of you with one of her legs ahead of you and the other leg is extended behind her. Lunges as sexual position are an amazing way to exercise the core muscles, quads, hamstrings, and the lovely butt.


Well, you may like it because this standing position is ideal for deep penetration. Your lady need to place her hands on the floor, and lifts her hips so that your lady’s body is in a “tented” position. You have to stand behind her and hold onto your lady’s hips for stability factor.


This arch position is a great way to reach orgasm for your lady. For your lady, arch position can give the exercise for her core muscles and her legs – quads and glutes. This arch position is a lot more of an exercise rather than the bridge position.


This position can be a deceptively simple-looking position which can actually turn into a major sweat-fest! You need to sit cross-legged on the bed. If they are not that flexible, you can loosely cross your legs or keep your legs straight out in front of you. Have your lady sit on your lap, lowering herself down onto your penis. Neither one of you can thrust in this lotus position, you’re only enable to grind against each other. You do it slow and seductive, or you can increase the intensity by grinding against each other with some more force. It shall give you some sort of feeling like you are wrestling! 


This slight twist on missionary might help you blow off a lot of energy. You have to start in regular missionary, then you go into plank position, like you were about to do a push-up. Keeping your arms straight, you can thrust into your lady using your pelvis.


This one might be for your lady. Cowgirl is one of the most favourite positions for women as they are in full command of the body and their time experiencing sex. Cowgirl flexes her lower abs, pelvis muscles and calves – this position serves as an amazing exercise to build stamina and her leg muscles.

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