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In the mood for a Netflix and chill session on a night at your hotel room? It will be fine if you had someone special beside you to do that. But if you ever visit Surrey maybe you need to call out one of our gorgeous escorts at Surrey Escorts. No need to worry because we got your back and provide you the best girl with the best attitude at Surrey Escorts.

Our girl really knows how to treat you on Netflix and chill session, start with a small talk about your favorites movie or any genre you like, and ended up with hot and wild sensual session after that.

Netflix movies is the new soundtrack that you can play to sets the mood. If you ever confuse on choosing what movies to your Netflix and chill session, we will give you the list on best movies you should choose because I know you already tired of watching Titanic or American Pie for the hundred times:

1. Blue Is the Warmest Color

Got a few explicit sex scenes that would build your mood up instantly. Léa Seydoux play really good on the character, mixed with beautiful cinematography that would spoil your eyes.

2. Newness

The 21 Century Love Story film that make your pants steamy. Nicholaus Holt and Laia Costa is a couple on their 20-ish that meet up in Ney York through dating apps and starting the open-relationship. Feels familiar huh? This rake Doreamus film is a microscope for the world of online dating and casual hookups. Bring your Surrey Escorts at your place, choose this film, and you will have had your desires fulfilled.

3. Sleeping with Other People

Breaking your standard rom-com format story, Allison Brie and Jason Sudeikis share their charm and chemistry as a couple that losing their virginity to each other, fall in love, drive each other nuts. There is a lot of sensual depictions of female pleasure, masturbation tutorial, and a lot of Khaleesi figures in a lingerie and bathing suits.

4. Love

Gaspar Noe really know how to play with your head. If you looking for something that really NSFW with some great sex scenes, this intensely intimate graphic love story about a threesome interaction will instantly bring the mood. This movie is one of the most favorites from our girl at Surrey Escorts for the Netflix and chill session.

5. White Girl

Morgan Saylor will make you crazy on this film. Doll-faced protagonist that as a college student of New York City and appetite for drugs and casual sex. A lot of really good sex scene that will lead the mood on the bed with our Escorts in this film. You totally should try this one.

So there are 5 movies that you can choose if you ever desire for Netflix and chill session with one or two of our girl at Escorts Surrey Escorts so call us now on +442030961213 or +442030961214 and let the nights goes well.