5 Best Golf Courses in Surrey

Surrey is home to Heathland Golf in England, which has some of its largest golf courses.

Here are 5 best golf courses in town you need to take your local Surrey escorts, including St. George’s Hill, Wentworth, and Walton Heath:

St. George’s Hill

When it comes to Surrey’s best golf clubs, St. George’s Hill can be approached very close to the top. The Weighbridge’s beauty features 27 holes designed by legendary architect Harry Colt, with Red and Blue Nines as prime ministers. Green is the third nine.

This course has some outstanding and strategic holes with changing heights and risk factors. It also includes some stunning par 3s, including an eighth on red – a stunning single shutter in a valley over heather and sand that sets the template for further designs.

St. George’s Hill is the best in Surrey Heathland Golf, and the Red and Blue Loop are ranked 24th on our Surrey Top 100 UK & iTop 100 courses.


Wentworth is one of the UK’s most famous clubs and has hosted a number of professional events over the years, including the Ryder Cup, World Match Play, and the PGA Championship.

The castle, famous for its palace clubhouses, is truly heavenly with three world-class courts, the equivalent of 3 courts, a tennis club, a spa and more, a state of stunning mansions۔ The west route, called the Burma Road, is the most famous of the three, with various heather, trees, and rhododendrons.

It opened to be played in 1926 and was designed by Harry Colt. This has changed dramatically in recent years, overseen by longtime resident Ernie Els in 2010 and then by Ernie Els and European Golf Design in 2016.

All 18 greens were replaced, and an air subsystem was installed. Wentworth is also home to East Course, designed by Colt, and actually opened two years before the West. The third of Edinburgh’s three championships opened in 1990 and was designed by John Jacobs, Bernard Gilcher, and Gary Player.

It’s relatively new, looks like it’s been past the pine trees forever, and is different from the other two heather meadows.

Wentworth is now a dedicated golf club, so audiences need to know one of its members to get the game.

Walton Heath

Walton Heath, a US Open qualifier and host of the 2018 British Masters, offers two of the best Heathland courses in the GM Top 100. The club has both old and new golf courses, both of which are excellent golf tests in beautiful surroundings.

It is one of the most historic clubs in the country and features legendary former player and course designer James Braid, the club’s first professional.

The old scale is only 6,800 yards from medal tees and over 7,400 when fully extended. It was designed by Herbert Fowler and is currently ranked 29th in the UK & our iTop 100.

Hankley Common

Hankley, just south of the Hampshire border, is one of the best outback courses in the country. As the name suggests, this is a common and awe-inspiring occurrence throughout the landscape.

The property has easy access to 54 holes, some of which are made through the trees and some of which are open to a public plan.


Woking is one of the top-class heathland Surrey courses. Formed in 1893, it is the oldest heathland club in Surrey and was designed by Tom Dunn.

It is basically a two ball club and starts slowly with 4 openers equaling 280 yards, though it gets tough from there.

While the course isn’t incredibly long overall, at only 500 and a half yards, it has a blessing saga that will keep you on your toes.

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