Surrey Escorts thinks that that missionary position may have a reputation for being the vanilla sex position, but it is far from a snooze. Missionary sex can be mega-magical. “The missionary position allows for a ton of skin-to-skin contact all at once, which can increase sensuality, create closeness and connection, and help you combine multiple erogenous zones and sensations,” says an expert.

In order to make sure that you are having the best sex possible with our ladies in Surrey, we’ve gathered some data on taking missionary position to the next level.

Here we have 4 Tips for a Better Missionary Sex Position Experience according to Surrey Escorts Agency


Missionary meaning full-on body contact, and all that touching (plus the sweat and the heat) creates intense sensation, says an expert. You should place your palms against the floor or bed above your lady’s head, so your torso aligns closely with hers. Go reach her hands overhead, you should hold her hands while you thrust, and you can lock lips too.

Bring your bodies even closer by wrapping your body with her arms around your shoulder or upper body, then pressing her fingertips into your back or butt. If missionary is performed correctly it can be a very intense pleasurable feeling and one you will remember for a long time.


The common backstory for missionary is that it is named for Christian missionaries, who preached the gospel of vanilla sex to everyone they ministered to. The reality is, the term cropped up in the 1950s and it is likely the result of a mistranslation of historical documents. In any case, the prim and proper connotation continues to this day, even though missionary can be just as dirty as any position.

“Missionary can be sweet and romantic or it can be totally rough and bestial,” says an expert. “The experience of sex is way more about your attitude than your position.”


An expert suggests placing a vibrator on or near her clitoris during missionary. As another expert says, when it comes to climaxing, penetration alone is not always enough for most women to cross that finish line. Adding a device that can provide that stimulation will up her chances of experiencing mind-blowing Os during intercourse.

And with your hands and her hands free, you can touch and stroke other erogenous zones as well, exploring each other’s bodies and finding new ways to keep your sex life sizzling.


If your lady is the one lying down, you’ve probably got two extra hands just sort of dangling there. Let your lady use them to envelop you and bring you in closer, or start touching herself, says an expert. “Not only will it drive you crazy with excitement to watch her masturbate, it is very empowering for a woman to self-pleasure in the moment,” says the expert.

“By touching herself, she’s taking control of her own pleasure and orgasm.”

An expert tells couples to think beyond the position and focus instead on what kind of experience you’re after. “Ask yourselves, do you want soft tender kisses on your neck or rough bites along your collarbone?

Do you want romantic eye contact or do you prefer to close your eyes and focus on the sensations? Then take it from there.”

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