Just like vulvas—penises are all different—either by the curves and length. There is no way two or even more penises have the same shape; but they are all perfect in their own way.

Surrey Escorts Agency admits that vaginas are tough to figure out, even for those of us who have one. But what about penises? As straightforward as it may appear, the male member can be pretty damn mysterious. Why is it always hard in the morning? What’s with circumcision? What makes it go soft in the middle of sexsometimes? And why is size such a huge issue among guys? To help you get a handle on all things about it,

Listed below are the 13 best fun facts you never knew about penises


Average girth of erect penises range from 4-6 inches. Studies found that the average erection length comes in at 5.16 inches, and the average erection girth is 4.59 inches. To beef themselves

up, some men use a penis pump to temporarily appear thicker.

There are approximately 150 million sperm swimming in each half teaspoon of a dude’s ejaculation.

There are no bones in boners. It’s true! However—though rare—too much pressure on his erectile tissue can cause a tear, or break.

43% of guys admit to faking orgasms. Based on research, some men say it’s easy to cover up a failed emission while wearing protection.


Growers: These pants puppies are relatively short and small at rest, long, and large at play. Growers have more elastin (the stretchy stuff) and less collagen (or thickeners), so they can supersize themselves when the time is right. But, they also tend to shrink more in cold temps, which constrict blood vessels. They will return to normal once they thaw out.

Showers: The size and length you see when he’s flaccid are close to what you get when he’s erect. That’s because his pickle naturally has less elastin and more collagen, so there won’t be much hulking-up happening when he’s aroused.

Leaners: Whether it’s a little to the right or left, a curved penis is both normal and common. Its unique angle might even hit you just right during sex.

If your guy notices a major new lean when he’s erect, he should see a doctor. It could be a sign of Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which fibrous tissue builds up and causes curves, indents, and shortening.

Tiny Penises: All jokes aside, only 2% of men have what’s officially considered a small penis, which is 3.7 inches or shorter when hard. An actual micro-penis is even more rare, clocking in at fewer than 3.3 inches when standing at attention. 


Sensory stimuli, such as the smell of your perfume, the way you caress his arm, the taste of your lips, or even just thinking about seeing you naked—send signals to his brain that jumpstart blood flow to his privates. Congrats, you’ve officially turned him on.

A flood of hormones such as oxytocin, testosterone, and dopamine gives him a boost of sexual desire.

During foreplay, blood fills the erectile tissue in his penis, expanding it to its max. The pressure forces the veins shut, trapping blood inside, causing an erection. Muscles at the base of his shaft flex, making him literally throb.

Meanwhile, the skin around his testicles (aka scrotum) tightens, causing his danglers to rise up toward his body. The surrounding veins fill with blood, which may make his balls feel larger when you fondle them during the deed.

Heads up: Most guys orgasm after five to 10 minutes of intercourse. Right before release, his bladder closes and a mixture of sperm and other fluids combines in the urethra channel. Then his pelvic-floor muscles start propelling it all out via squeeze-and-release contractions. These pumps are largely what make his climax feel so insanely pleasurable.

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