Surrey Escorts: Best Makeup Ideas for Date Nights

When we are ready for a date, wanting romance, excitement, butterflies, hopes, and impressions, it probably means we are away. We decided to try a new hairstyle, makeup, fashion sense, or person in an attempt to impress, but we forgot that she’s asking you because she likes you. In the words of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones, “just the way you are.” Easy!

All you need to do is be yourself. If you like it, you will love it, and that’s important. But you still want an extra touch of glamor to your look, so we asked a celebrity makeup artist to help us out. After premieres, parties, photoshoots, make-up changes – she did it all, so he knows what it takes to look her best.

Here are ten of her tips on doing the sexiest hair and makeup styles for your date:

1. Don’t have a dramatic change haircut/colored before the date!

The way he likes you! If you have a regular hairstylist you trust, persuade her to use a large velcro roller, or do a nice shampoo and blow-drying.

2. Don’t have a facial on the day

Do it a few days before your date, in case you have breakouts.

3. Take the occasion into consideration

You don’t want to work too much or too little. If it’s ‘awesome’ – and let’s face it, most of us hate dates like these – then find a medium that is fun (and carry a little make-up bag, just in case). It’s always a good idea to have a toothbrush and toothpaste in there too;)

4. After showering or bathing

Get plenty of body moisturizer/oil on hand, as this will allow the skin to retain moisture completely. Don’t forget about elbows and feet and decolletage!

5. Make sure you look like ‘you.’

You want to make sure that the makeup you wear is ‘you.’ If you complete your date and it doesn’t match the way you normally choose your makeup, you will send the wrong impression on your date and be very agitated and feel we have ‘run out of gas’ emotionally. You’ve won history because he likes you the way you are! While it’s great for adding a few extra touches to beautify yourself, don’t go for a look that’s exactly the opposite of what you’re used to. Leave the drama behind until you wear red lipstick, bright nail polish, and black eyeliner on a regular basis!

6. Prepare the eyes

Take a few eyes drops to be sure – I like IDV Bright Blue.

7. Your foundation

Your make-up starts at the bottom of your foundation. Blink, prime, and hide, ensuring the perfect canvas for your first date look. If your skin is at risk of peeling, use an oil-free primer. Good lip balm is essential. I’m a big fan of Lucas Popa and always keep one of the tubes in my handbag: rub a cotton swab over your lips after applying it as it will help massage it.

8. Make-up

Fresh, natural skin is always a winner. Unless it’s ‘you,’ don’t slog over the foundation – that’s considered the biggest closure for men. Add to your best features. A great blush is Nars Orgasm – it’s perfect for all skin types and is the most striking color for the cheeks, providing a natural, healthy-looking tone that instantly brightens your skin. Just light up. Don’t overdo shiny things – sparkles mean too much lovemaking to make your lips look thick and sticky. Otherwise, you’ll be more likely to get kisses on the cheeks than on the lips! The best makeup is the kind that you can forget about once you’ve done it. Just show a friendly smile confidently and have fun!

9. Touch up your makeup discreetly

I know in the past, but try and keep a touch of make-up into the ‘little girl’s room.’ Powdering your nose or re-applying lipstick/gloss in front of your date destroys the illusion of “natural” and can seem a little high-maintenance.

10. Go easy on the perfume

While you’ll definitely want to make sure you smell good for your first date, try not to overwhelm yourself. Sprinkle it in the air and ‘go in’; this will make the fragrance lighter than spreading freely to the neck, wrists, and decorations, etc. Pick something that doesn’t appeal to him, and you smell like you’ve peppered yourself in the suitcase; it can affect how long he wants to be with you! Maybe a reasonable date early!

Remember to relax, be yourself, and have fun!

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