Escorts Surrey Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do you use real pictures of the escorts?

Yes definitely do! We only use real and accurate pictures of the escorts. We interview our escorts first to face before before we put their pictures up on the site. When Escorts first apply they sometimes send in pictures that are not of themselves, however we let them know that they can only use accurate pictures. We have a good vetting system in place to make sure that we only display real pictures on our website.

Professional pictures from an escort photographer do come with some photoshopping. Again as long as it does not create a false impression, we will put those pictures up on the escort’s profile.

2. Can I see unblurred or full face pictures of escorts that hide their face?

Many of the Escorts that join Escorts Surrey escorts, require their face to be hidden.  Sometimes the escort will have given permission for full face pictures to be available to regular clientele. This will be stated at the end of the escort’s description on her profile page. If you have used the agency a few times and would like access to these pictures, then please send an email. If the escort you are enquiring about has given permission, we will give you access to her full face pictures.

3. Can I book two escorts together?

Yes that is definitely possible. You can book two bisexual escorts for outcall bookings. Some of the escorts would have worked together before. So they would be more likely to work together again.

4. Can I see an escort who is listed as “outcall only” for an incall booking?

No, this is not possible. Currently Escorts Surrey only has outcall escorts available. We are hoping to change that in the near future but as of now all our escorts are outcall only.

When an escort who can only do outcall, is able to get a location for incall bookings, then this will be noted on her escort profile page.

5. What details do you require for outcall bookings to a hotel?

When you make an outcall escort booking to your hotel, we will need the following:

1. The name of the hotel.
2. The name you are checking in under.
3. What time you will be checking in.

We require these details to confirm the booking. Also these details let us make sure we are sending the escort to the right hotel. Once you have checked in, you can contact us with the room number.

6. If I have met an escort who would like to join Escorts Surrey agency, what should I tell them?

Please direct them to our website. There they can find the escort jobs application form. Once they filled that in, they will be directed to email a few pictures of themselves. Of course any escort is free to call the agency to discuss joining too.

7. How can I send feedback on the booking I had with an escort from Escorts Surrey agency?

You can use the comment section of the profile to write feedback. Feel free to email any feedback you have. Of course you can also text or even call to let us know how the booking went. Feedback is always appreciated.

8. How can I pay the escort?

We are currently only able to accept cash at this moment in time. We also do accept bank transfers (but these do have to be in our account prior to the meeting with the desired Escort taking place).


9. Can I meet the escorts, before I make an booking?

Unfortunately no. And it’s not negotiable. We do not give out the location of any of our escort girls for any reason apart of the appointed booking. That is the only way to meet the appropriate escort.

10. Can I make clothing and outfit requests?

Yes you can (within reason). Our escorts always try to fulfil their clients needs.